Drone film trailer still imageDrone

Directed by Tonje Hessen Schei

A half hour version – edited for education classes in congregations

A commentator says at the beginning of the film, Drone by Tonje Hessen Schei,   “If you can get a high level Al Qaeda guy, isn’t it worth about any costs?” Schei raises several concerns about that conclusion, including the fact that other nations, including China, Russian and Iran  have developed lethal drones or are likely to do so. She also points that drone warfare is actually a recruitment tool for terrorist groups because of the resentment it is generating.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (U.S. Army, retired), former chief of staff of General Colin Powell, says in the film that we are asking young people to do a different kind of killing as drone operators. They are in Nevada and they are killing people 10,000 miles away. One of the drone operators says, “You never know who you are killing; you never see a face, just a silhouette. They are not people just terrorists.”

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